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Immunology: Immunology and Inflammation

The immune system plays a crucial role on maintaining health and wellness of the human body and dysregulation of this system results a myriad autoimmune disorders, infectious diseases and cancers which span almost all disciplines of medicine. The overall strategy of this theme is to leverage on the clinical strengths at the Singapore General Hospital combined with research expertise and resources at SingHealth to bring immune-modulation strategies from bench to bedside as well as biomarker discovery in specific diseases viz. cancer and inflammatory diseases.

Specific Aims of Research Theme

a) Identification of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers

• Autoimmune and inflammatory diseases

• Prediction of disease relapse after stem cell transplantation

b) Development of novel interventional strategies

• Prevention of disease relapse after stem cell transplantation

• Inducing immune tolerance through cellular therapy and biologics

• Enhancing immunity in cancer and viral infections through cellular therapy

Research Theme Lead:

Ng CT.jpegWilliam Hwang.jpeg

         Dr Ng Chin Teck      Prof William Hwang Ying Khee