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Diabetes: Precision Medicine in Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders

Diabetes is a complex and heterogeneous chronic disease of huge public health importance. Once established, diabetes is difficult to treat and present therapy is only partially effective in preventing the long-term macrovascular and microvascular complications. A paradigm shift in diabetes management is urgently needed and we believe that precision medicine will play an important role in order to achieve the simultaneous improvements in population health, experience of care, work-life of provider and reduction in per capital cost.


We seek to enhance the research capacity for diabetes and metabolic disease at SGH. Our strategy to achieve precision medicine in diabetes will involve the collaborative effort in several related domains that will capitalize on the clinical and scientific expertise of a carefully assembled team of clinicians, scientist and allied health providers. Together this effort will yield outcomes that are far greater than the sum of its parts.


Specific Aims

1. Diabetes Registry: To developed clinical decision support systems using big data from SingHealth Diabetes Registry

2. Diabetes Classification and Pathogenesis: To accurately classify diabetes and elucidate mechanistic etiology leading to

3. Diabetes Therapeutics: To develop nutritional, exercise and pharmacological therapies directed towards correcting underlying metabolic defects in a given individual

4. Diabetes related complications: To identify risk factors for hypoglycemia and biomarkers

Research Theme Lead:

TanHongChang.jpgBee YM2.jpg

Dr Tan Hong Chang                   Dr Bee Yong Mong