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Aging, Biomechanics, Frailty and Sarcopenia

The rapidly aging population is a worldwide phenomenon, particularly in Singapore. Frailty and Sarcopenia are established syndromes in the elderly where there is increased vulnerability due to diminished physiologic reserve. Left unrecognized, a frailty cascade develops leading rise to the development of morbidity, disability, readmissions, institutionalization and death. There is an urgent need to assess objectively apparently healthy elders upstream so as to institute appropriate interventions which may then delay or reverse these syndromes, and lessen the burden of healthcare.


The Aging, Biomechanics, Frailty and Sarcopenia theme (ABS) is an integrated, comprehensive and shared platform for the study of the science and biomechanics in aging through in-vitro and in-vivo research and from bench to community. The ABS theme is anchored by three complementary sub-platforms:

  1. Biomechanics in Aging platform which investigates musculoskeletal changes in the elderly and explores how we could intervene to reduce morbidities associated with frailty.
  2. Mobile Biomechanics Lab which will collect and evaluate comprehensive biomechanical markers of at-risk elderly in the community and in patients with chronic disease in various SGH subspecialties.
  3. The REWARDS framework which will develop as an open-source test-bedding platform to improve elder care and quality of life in the elderly via innovative medical technology.

Research Theme Lead:

    Duncan.jpeg        AProf Ng Yee Sien (SGH).jpg

Prof Mcgrouther Duncan Gus            A/Prof Ng Yee Sien