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Medical Technology & Device Development

Medical Technology & Device Development (MedTech) Core serves as the catalyst for integrating scientific discoveries and technologies into the SGH clinical care system.

As a continuation of the initiative for medical technology development in Singapore, SGH has become an integral part of the national landscape. There are strong partnerships with academic institutions, NTU, ASTAR & SUTD and incubators such as DxD hub & Trendlines Pte Ltd. This core is responsible for many successful inter-institutional partnerships resulting in grants success and patent submissions.

The strategic capabilities of the MedTech Core are:

  1. Clinical engineers  employed by SingHealth whose med tech  role is to match clinicians with technological solutions for grant funding;
  2. Prototyping and testing facilities such as 3D printing and LabView to obtain pilot data to facilitate grant application success.
  3. Commercialization expertise in regulation, reimbursement, patentability and design of a business model in the healthcare system.

These are shared resources at the SingHealth Medical Technology Office (SingHealth MTO) and the MedTech core is dedicated for SGH clinicians and investigators.