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Dr Michelle Tan Guet Khim

Senior Principal Research Scientist

 Research Interests:

  • Splice variant-based gene expression and microRNA profiling to reveal underlying molecular mechanism of dementia including Alzheimer’s disease. 
  • Characterization of isoform-specific role of FynT tyrosine kinase in association with disease progression of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Potential anti-tumor effect of talc pleurodesis in patients with advanced lung cancer.
  • Identification of molecular mechanism of radiation and chemotherapy-induced sensori-neural hearing loss in patients with head and neck tumors. 

Zhao Yi.jpg

Dr Zhao Yi

Senior Principal Research Scientist

 Research Interests:

  • Diagnostic of genetic disease
  • Study of gene mutations 
  • Study of Neuro-degeneration disease
  • Disease relevant SNPs screening

Oi Fah.jpg

Ms Lai Oi Fah

Principal Research Scientist

 Research Interests:

  • Proteome and biomarker solutions for clinical and diagnostic applications
  • Adipose derived stem cells for regenerative medicine


Dr Fan Xiubo 

Research Fellow I

 Research Interests:

  • Evaluation and optimisation of an appropriate therapeutic cocktail with MSC-derived biologics in pre-clinical models of inflammatory disorders.
  • Mechanism study on immunomodulatory role of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) and MSC-derived biologics in inflammatory disorders.

Ching Li.png

Dr Lee Ching Li

Research Fellow III 

 Research Interests:

  • Investigating the effects of inflammation on neurodegeneration using animal models.
  • Characterization of isoform-specific role of FynT tyrosine kinase in Alzheimer’s Disease.

Che Kang.png

Dr Lim Che Kang

Senior Research Associate 

 Research Interests:

  • Clinical immunology
  • Immunogenetics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Computational Genomics
  • Primary immunodeficiency diseases and Autoimmune disorders
  • Cancer & Stem cell immunology