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Allied Health Research

Allied Health Research


The Allied Health Division Research Unit (AHDRU) provides administrative support for research project, grant, IRB application and coordination in SGH Allied Health Division. The unit also establishes resource collaborations with internal/external partners to help generate research opportunities for AHD researchers in SGH.



1. Provide a strategic focus for the Allied Health departments to highlight, develop and acknowledge research strengths

2. Influence policy and maximise opportunities for researchers to expand their work

3. Provide network and communication with all stakeholders, internal and external to raise the awareness as well as increase opportunities for AH researchers



1. Integrate research resources to support grants and projects in Allied Health Division

2. Development of biomechanical, medical and rehabilitation devices for patent

3. Develop research skills and knowledge of new researchers

4. Create pool of manpower resources for research coordination

5. Support strategies and initiatives to develop multi-centre grants with international research experts