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Clin Asst Prof Jolene Wong Si Min

Clin Asst Prof Wong Jolene

MBBS, MMED, FRCS Ed (Gen Surg)


Specialty: Surgery & Surgical Oncology

Clinical Interest: Peritoneal-based Malignancies, Sarcoma, Skin & Melanoma, Upper Gastrointestinal, Surgery & Surgical Oncology

Conditions Treated by this Doctor:
Colorectal Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Peritoneal based Malignancies, Sarcoma, Sarcoma and Melanoma, Skin Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Upper Gastrointestinal Cancers.

Clinical Appointments

  • Visiting Consultant Gynaecological Oncology KK Women's and Children's HospitalKK Women's and Children's Hospital
  • Consultant Division of Surgery & Surgical Oncology National Cancer Centre SingaporeNational Cancer Centre Singapore
  • Consultant Sarcoma, Peritoneal and Rare Tumours (SPRinT) Singapore General HospitalSingapore General Hospital

Academic Appointments

  • Clinical Lecturer, NUS YLLSOM
  • Teaching Faculty: Clinical Teacher, Content Expert, Clinical Practice Facilitator, LKC NTU Medical School
  • Physician Faculty, SingHealth PGY1 Residency
  • Physician Faculty, SingHealth General Surgery Residency
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, SingHealth Duke NUS Surgery Academic Clinical Programme & Oncology Academic Clinical Programme


Dr Jolene Wong is a Consultant at the Department of Sarcoma, Peritoneal and Rare Tumors (SPRinT). She graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine Singapore with consecutive Dean’s list awards in 2014 and subsequently completed her General Surgery specialist training at Singhealth in 2019. She is a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) and holds a Master of Medicine (Surgery). Having completed 2 years of local subspecialty training in the treatment of sarcoma, peritoneal surface malignancy, and skin cancers at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and KK Women’s & Children Hospital; Dr Wong continued to pursue her interest in innovative and minimally invasive approaches in the treatment of peritoneal disease at Ghent University Hospital, Belgium where she focused on the conduct of Cytoreductive Surgery and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) and Pressurized Intraperitoneal Aerosolized Chemotherapy (PIPAC).

As a health services researcher with an interest in population health, Dr Wong holds a Master of Public Health (MPH) from the Harvard TH Chan School and completed her research fellowship at the Centre of Surgery and Public Health, Brigham and Women Hospital, Boston in 2023. Leveraging on her training in patient reported outcomes, health economics, data science and health services delivery, Dr Wong hopes to improve the quality of care for seriously ill older adults in surgery. Since 2019, she has received 6 institutional and national grants, including the Duke-NUS Nurturing Clinician Scientist Award in 2021 and the National Medical Research Council (NMRC) Population Health New Investigator Award in 2023. She has co-authored more than 40 peer reviewed publications over the last 5 years. In the arena of innovative technologies, Dr Wong led and completed Singhealth’s 1st PIPAC trial which has the potential to effectively palliate symptoms and improve survival in patients with peritoneal disease.

A pioneer in palliative surgical care research in Singapore and in the region, Dr Wong established the country’s first palliative surgery and intervention workgroup in 2020, providing a multi-disciplinary platform to improve care in this vulnerable group. She is also represents Singhealth in the Ministry of Health End of Life (EOL) value driven care initiative. Recognising the importance of increasing awareness in serious illness and palliative surgical education, Dr Wong spearheaded the palliative education program for Singhealth’s surgeons and hopes to further such initiatives in the future. She also has strong collaborations with population health teams with ongoing initiatives aimed at the delivery of specialist surgical oncology care in the community for older adults with serious illness.

Dr Wong is also active and passionate about medical education and training and is a clinician faculty member of the Sing health General Surgery Residency Program me and a clinical tutor to students from NUS, Duke and NTU.


  • Master of Public Health (MPH), Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health, USA, May 2023
  • Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS), Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Aug 2019
  • Intercollegiate Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS), Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Oct 2018
  • Master of Medicine (Surgery), Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Jul 2016
  • Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery (MBBS), Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS, May 2014

Professional Appointments and Committee Memberships

  • Clinician Champion, Cytoreductive Surgery Value-driven Care Workgroup, Singapore General Hospital/ Singapore
  • Clinician Champion, Serious Illness Value-driven Care Workgroup, Singapore General Hospital/ Singapore
  • Clinician Champion, SPRinT Surgeries Value-driven Care Workgroup, Singapore General Hospital/ Singapore
  • Lead, SingHealth Peritoneal Surface Malignancy Registry Development, SingHealth/ Singapore
  • Chairperson, SingHealth Multi-Disciplinary Palliative Intervention Workgroup, National Cancer Centre Singapore/ Singapore
  • Committee Member, Medisave Audit Committee, Singapore General Hospital/ Singapore
  • Executive Committee, Cancer Education and Information Services, National Cancer Centre Singapore/Singapore 
  • Executive Committee, Resource Allocation & optimization, National Cancer Centre Singapore/Singapore
  • Committee Member, Asian Peritoneal Surface Malignancy Group, Singapore


Research Interests

  • Surgical Oncology
  • Peritoneal Surface Malignancy
  • Sarcoma
  • Health Services Research
  • Patient Reported Outcomes 
  • Palliative Surgical Care


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Research Trials

  • Implementation of a Generalist-Specialist Palliative Oncology Care Model amongst Advanced Cancer Surgical Patients: A Pilot Cluster Randomized Control Trial (Ongoing, Study Role: PI)
  • Palliative Care Delivery in Advanced Cancer Surgical Patients: Pilot testing and Implementation of a Novel Natural Language Processing Artificial Intelligence Solution (Ongoing, Study Role: PI)
  • Pilot Testing and Implementation of a General Palliative Education Programme to Optimize Surgical Education & Training in End-of-Life Care (Ongoing, Study Role: PI)
  • Prospective Clinical Trial Evaluating the Efficacy of Pressurised Intra-Peritoneal Chemotherapy (PIPAC) in Palliation of Patients with Unresectable Peritoneal Metastases (Ongoing, Study Role: PI)
  • Measuring Quality of Care among Patients with Cancer during their End-of-Life (Ongoing, Study Role: Co-I)
  • Exosomal biomarker predictor of post-surgical peritoneal recurrence to infer treatment strategies (Ongoing, Study Role: Co-I)
  • Investigating the utility of novel PAI-1 biologics in peritoneal carcinomatosis (Ongoing, Study Role: Co-I)