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Research Attachment (Research Fellow)

Strictly no patient management

  • Maximum training duration is 12 months
  • Self-funding only 
  • Successful Training Employment Pass (TEP) application with Ministry of Manpower Singapore (MOM) 
  • Approval of applicant's overseas training from any relevant governmental and institutional authorities in applicant's country 
  • Completed vaccinations for COVID-19, Tdap and MMR before attachment commencement
  • SGH-PGMI administrative fee is applicable 
  • SGH department training fee is applicable 
  • Eligibility criteria : 
    • basic medical degree
    • preferably have obtained a postgraduate diploma or degree in his country or overseas
    • evidence of at least 12 months houseman-ship/ internship with a certificate of satisfactory completion or equivalent 
    • current & future employment 
    • be registered with medical council, ministry or relevant licensing authority for practicing medicine in home country
    • been certified to be of good standing by the Medical Council or the relevant national authority
    • be eligible for Training Employment Pass from Ministry of Manpower Singapore
    • have valid Visa for entry and stay in Singapore
    • additional eligibility criteria and requirements as determined by the training departments (where applicable)

Hands-on patient management

All of the above applies including temporary medical registration with Singapore Medical Council (SMC) if the research doctor is performing any of the activities:

    1. Invasive procedures beyond venesection or phlebotomy;
    2. Patient contact that go beyond superficial non-intimate examinations 
      (such as blood pressure or pulse taking, observation of patient characteristics in non-intimate areas, simple non-invasive clinical examinations such as eliciting tendon reflexes);
    3. Intimate examinations such as vaginal inspection or speculum inspections for O&G research, examination of other intimate areas; or
    4. Any patient contact, examination or action that would impact or contribute to the clinical management or monitoring of the patient for an active disease; or
    5. Any activity by the research doctor that would impact or contribute to the clinical management of the patient; other than the allowable activity for treatment plans ordered by the patient's treating physician.