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Developing Patient-centered Practice in the Allied Health Professions

Healthcare professionals are expected to be patient-centered in their practice, to communicate effectively and to work in partnership with their patients. This interactive lecture titled "Developing Patient-centered Practice in the Allied Health Professions: can Motivational Interviewing Training Help?" introduces current concepts of patient-centered care and some challenges associated with working in this way, especially when promoting patient self-management approaches.  

Based on a growing evidence base, and supported by her own research findings, the speaker will present motivational interviewing as an evidence-based approach which can support patient-centered practice and promote patient behavior change. Known barriers to and facilitators of the development of patient-centered care and motivational interviewing in practice will be outlined. These include individual factors as well as collective factors within the work environment.  

Finally, the speaker will identify some simple strategies and prompts which attendees can take away to develop motivational interviewing skills within their own practice environment.

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Lecture Details

3 September 2018, Monday

​6.00 pm - 7.00 pm

1 hour


​Registration Closing Date: 
27 August 2018, Monday

Learning Space Room 4/5 
Singapore General Hospital 
Block 6 Level 1 
Outram Road Singapore 169608

Target Audience:
Current practising healthcare professionals in the hospital and community setting.
(Limited to 120 pax, on a first-come-first-served basis)