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Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Lectures


CPE Live Online Lecture: Management of Osteoporosis in Chronic Kidney Disease (6 Jan 2021)

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CPE Lecture: Common Treatment for Migraine (28 Sep 2018)

CPE Lecture: Management of BPSD - From A Geriatrician's Perspective (16 Jan 2019)

CPE Lecture: An Allergist's Approach to Beta-lactam Allergies (12 Jun 2019)

CPE Lecture: TCM - Antithrombotic Agents Interactions (24 Jul 2019)

CPE Lecture: Therapeutics of Depression (15 Nov 2019)

CPE Lecture: Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs) at Its Adolescence – Has It Come of Age? (22 Jan 2020)

CPE Live Online Lecture: Journal Critiquing: Going Beyond the P-Value (1 Jul 2020)

CPE Live Online Lecture: An Introduction to Clinical Reasoning (22 Jul 2020)


CPE Lecture: Demystifying the Renal Diet (6 Mar 2019)

CPE Lecture: Journal Critiquing: Going Beyond the P-Value (29 May 2019)

CPE Lecture: Emerging Pathogens (25 Sep 2019)

CPE Lecture: A.I. in Patient Care: Robotic Caregiver or Family? (9 Oct 2019)

CPE Lecture: Delirium and Dementia: What's The Difference? (23 Oct 2019)

CPE Lecture: Building Therapeutic Connections (27 Nov 2019)

CPE Online Lecture with "live" Q&A: An Introduction to Infertility and Assisted Reproductive Technology (12 Aug 2020)

CPE Live Online Lecture: Depression and Its Management (7 Oct 2020)

CPE Live Online Lecture: When Lesser May Be Better – De-Prescribing in Palliative Care and End-of-Life (21 Oct 2020)

CPE Online Lecture with "live" Q&A: Problems with Advancing Parkinson’s Disease (4 Nov 2020)

CPE Live Online Lecture: Limitations of Antiarrhythmic Drugs in the Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation (12 Nov 2020)