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Biostatistics for Research (STATA) Basic/Intermediate

10 - 13 January 2022

Participants will be introduced to biostatistical concepts and analysis using STATA for their quantitative clinical research.

Course Objectives:

To equip participants with the knowledge and skills to:

  • understand clinical trials and epidemiological designs, sample size calculations,
  • design a database,
  • perform statistical analysis STATA and interpret the findings of the results obtained from the various analysis.

(NB: Navigation of the STATA live will not be available during the course. STATA step-by-step guide will be included in the course notes for all course participants.)

Click here for more course details.

To register, scan the QR code or click on the web link. Registration closes on 17 December 2021, Friday.

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Upon registration, participants agreed to the following PGAHI Terms & Conditions.

Course Details

10 - 13 January 2022, Monday - Thursday

4 half-days

9.00 am – 12.30 pm

Class Size:
30 pax

Device required:
Laptop/ Desktop with microphone, speaker and webcam

Fees (inclusive of 7% GST):
S$ 520 (SingHealth)
S$ 580 (Regular)

Registration Closing Date: 
17 December 2021, Friday

Zoom Cloud Meetings

Target Audience:

All Healthcare researchers who wish to gain knowledge on experimental designs, biostatistical analysis and interpretation of the results from the STATA software.

Prerequisites: Participants should have statistical knowledge, used STATA and have computer literacy skills such as Microsoft Windows and Excel.  STATA software is required for participants to practice at their own time after the course. This course is not suitable for beginners in statistics.