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Understanding Mental Illnesses Series – Going Beyond the Surface

Part 2: What is Depression?

3 March 2021 

In this 2nd part of the mental illness series, let us take you through some basic knowledge on "What is Depression?" and how it differs from just being sad.

The word 'depressed' has been so overused in our daily lexicon that the disorder itself is very much misunderstood. Join us to take a step into learning more about what clinical depression is all about.

After the lecture, participants would be able to:

•Understand what clinical depression is

•Recognise the different types of depression

•Identify the signs and symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder

•Know what some of the common treatment options are

•Learn how to support and what are the resources available

Click here for more lecture details.

To register, scan the QR code or click on the web link. Registration closes on 22 February 2021.


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Lecture Details

10 March 2021, Wednesday

6pm – 7pm

60 minutes


Zoom Cloud Meetings

Registration Closing Date:
22 February, Monday

Target Audience:
Healthcare professionals

Zoom Capacity: 500

This lecture will be conducted via Zoom Cloud Meetings app. For ease of accessing the lecture, please download/update Zoom Cloud Meetings app. Details of the lecture meeting link will be sent to the successful registrants nearer the lecture date.