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Voice Care

4 February 2021

Staff working in the healthcare industry may experience heavy vocal demand on a day-to-day basis. Patient-fronting or customer-serving duties, for example, may involve long hours of talking, and impose significant strain on the voice box. Inadequate voice care and/or the lack of vocal training may increase an individual’s risk of developing voice problems. Voice problems may include an inconsistent or permanent change in voice quality or throat discomfort relating to voice use. The good news is such voice problems are highly preventable. Through greater awareness of one’s vocal health and practicing good vocal wellness habits, one can maintain a healthy, sustainable voice for their personal and professional wellbeing. 

Through this short lecture, individuals will be able to:
  • understand the basic mechanism of voice production
  • identify common voice problems and their causes and symptoms
  • identify if they are at risk of having voice problems
  • list and practice vocal wellness strategies
  • perform simple exercises to facilitate voice production

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To register, scan the QR code or click on the web link. Registration closes on 21 January 2021, Thursday.

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Lecture Details

4 February 2021, Thursday

6.00 pm – 7.00 pm

 1 hour




Zoom Cloud Meetings

Registration Closing Date: 
21 January 2021, Thursday

Target Audience
Allied health professionals


(Zoom capacity: 500

This lecture will be conducted via Zoom Cloud Meetings app. For ease of accessing the lecture, please download/update Zoom Cloud Meetings app. Details of the lecture meeting link will be sent to the successful registrants nearer the lecture date.)