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Applying Motivational Interviewing in Smoking Cessation

​20 August 2020

Many smokers are aware that smoking causes various harmful effects and they need to quit smoking for good. However, the majority of them still smoke on their next consultation visit. As healthcare professionals, we repeatedly educate our smokers, patiently and with their best interest at heart, to quit smoking. When our advice falls on deaf ears and patients become resistant or defensive, what do we do next?

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a counselling style that helps smokers recognise and increase their internal motivation to quit. Smokers would be more open to discuss their quitting journey when this style is applied on them. Eventually, they would be able to make a commitment to quit smoking.

During this short lecture, the speaker will cover the following principles and technical skills, briefly, of MI that will enable you to have a more enjoyable and rewarding experience when you counsel smoker patients.

  • The principles of MI: Expressing empathy; Developing discrepancy; Rolling with resistance; Supporting self-efficacy
  • Technical Skills of MI: Asking open questions; Affirmation; Reflective listening; Summarising; Eliciting change talk

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Lecture Details

20 August 2020, Thursday

6.00 pm - 6.45 pm

45 minutes




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Registration Closing Date: 
31 July 2020, Friday

Target Audience:
All allied health professionals


(Limited to 150 participants per lecture.
 This lecture will be conducted via Zoom Cloud Meetings app. For ease of accessing the lecture, please download/update Zoom Cloud Meetings app. Details of the lecture meeting link will be sent to the successful registrants nearer the lecture date.)