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Post-hospitalisation Care (CareLink)

CareLink is SGH's one-stop referral centre providing discharge planning for our patients and their caregivers. At CareLink, our aim is to help you understand your discharge needs, and connect you with the appropriate resources to help in post-discharge care of yourself or your loved ones.

Why is there a need for post-hospitalisation care?
It takes time for everyone in the family to adjust whenever a member of the family is admitted to the hospital. Upon discharge from the hospital, the patient may not be as independent as before, and thus may need assistance in going about his daily activities. The family or caregivers however may not know what is required of them or require assistance in making care arrangements. It is therefore important to start planning early for life after discharge from the hospital.

How do I go about planning for discharge?
You should discuss with the medical, nursing and other paramedical personnel, for example the doctor or the therapist about the patient's medical condition and recovery process.
You should also discuss among your family members regarding plans for caring of the patient after discharge. It is important to remember to take into consideration the patient's preference for the type of care.
You can then visit CareLink if you require any assistance in making arrangements for the appropriate services that the patient requires.

The day of discharge from SGH should not be an apprehensive one. As part of our service towards total patient care, we will work with you and your family to prepare for the discharge. At CareLink, we aim to make the discharge process as smooth and hassle free as possible.

How does CareLink help?
Upon referral from the ward, the staff at CareLink will assess the needs of the patient, taking into consideration his financial situation, the prognosis of his condition as well as the availability of caregivers for the patient. Once discharge planning has been made and the patient's needs identified, our staff would then assist to link you up with suitable vendor(s) to provide the service/product that is required. While we helps to facilitate post-discharge care, ultimately it is the patient and the family that makes the decision on care options.

Do I have to pay for the discharge planning services?
Consultation services by CareLink are free. However, patients would need to pay for the products, for example, rental or purchase of medical aids, or the employment of private nursing services, upon delivery of the products or services by external vendors.

CareLink connects you to:

Rental / purchase of medical or nursing supplies and appliances

  • wheelchairs and mobility aids
  • oxygen concentrators and nebulizers
  • adult diapers
  • nutritional feeds

Private Nursing Home

  • long / short term nursing care
  • respite care

Day Care / Rehabilitation Centres

  • rehabilitation programmes
  • self care programmes
  • social programmes

Private Rehabilitation Services

  • physiotherapy
  • occupational therapy
  • speech therapy



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