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Service Express

What is Service Express?

Designed for your convenience, you can choose not to queue to settle your bills or get follow-up appointments. With Service Express, you can leave immediately after consultation or treatment at any of our Clinics. 

Our staff will confirm details of your next appointment and charge your bill to your credit card or GIRO. All the documents including receipt will be mailed to you within 7 working days.

What bills does Service Express cover?

Currently, Service Express covers only SOC bills for consultation, laboratory and other services rendered in the clinics.

How do I settle my bills?

You may pre-authorise the payment of your bills using major credit cards or GIRO.

What are the administrative fees for Service Express?

There are no administrative fees.

How do I register?

To register, simply download and complete the application form and submit at our clinic counters. Registration for Service Express is free. The service can be activated immediately for credit cards. For GIRO payment, activation of the service is subjected to the Bank’s confirmation.

Can Service Express be used to pay for bills other than my own?

Yes. Please submit separate application forms for each patient.

More Questions?

Call us on 6321 4386