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​Varicella Zoster IgG, VZV IgG Ab, VZV IgG, VZV IgG Rapid (Call Lab First), VZV IgM,  VZV IgM Ab, Varicella Zoster IgM, VZV Total Antibody, VZV CF Antibody

Lab Section Category


​VZV IgM Antibody (anti-VZV IgM)

VZV IgG Antibody (anti-VZV IgG)

VZV Total CF Antibody (anti-VZV total)

VZV IgG Antibody (anti-VZV IgG Rapid)


Specimen Required

​3 – 5 mL plain blood.

(a) To diagnose acute varicella infection, send single acute sample for VZV IgM antibody and a second serum taken two weeks later for VZV total CF antibody on the pair.

(b) To diagnose past infection and immunity, send single sample for VZV IgG antibody.

(c) For urgent screening for immunity, send sample for VZV IgG antibody (Rapid).

Storage and Transport

​Refrigerate samples if delay in transporting to laboratory is anticipated. Do not freeze.


​Anti-VZV IgM: Immunofluorescence assay

Anti-VZV IgG: Enzyme Immunoassay

Anti-VZV total: Complement Fixation Test

Anti-VZV IgG (Rapid): Enzyme linked fluorescence assay (for urgent testing)

Test Results

Acute infection: Single sample positive for VZV IgM Ab and/or paired sera showing ≥ 4 fold rise in total CF Ab titres.

Immunity: VZV IgG Ab present. Where antibody levels are low, this will be indicated on the report.

Reference Interval / Value

Turnaround Time

Urgent cases:
Anti-VZV IgM : 3 – 4 hrs
Anti-VZV IgG (Rapid): 1 – 48 hrs

Routine cases:
Anti-VZV IgM: <1 – 4 days
Anti-VZV IgG: <1 – 7 days
Anti-VZV total: 1 – 6 days after acute or second sample

Day(s) Test Set up

​Anti-VZV IgM/IgG (Rapid) : Stat for urgent cases

Anti-VZV IgM : Tuesday and Friday

Anti-VZV IgG : Tuesday

Anti-VZV total : Tuesday and Thursday


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