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Susceptibility Test for M. tuberculosis complex– Minimum Inhibitory Concentration


Susceptibility Test for TB – MIC1

Lab Section Category



Specimen Required

For mycobacteria isolated in CTBL or in other laboratories

Storage and Transport

Fresh pure culture of M. tuberculosis isolate on slant in sealed screw-capped plastic tube. Tube should be tightly closed, labelled with identifying lab number and placed in a biohazard-labelled ziplock bag. Pack, transport and notify CTBL (in advance) and MOH of the transfer, according to MOH-BATA requirements.

Regional laboratories must make arrangements with the lab for the MOH-Import Permit before sending specimens and packaging must conform to international standards (IATA). The request form should state the name and address of referring laboratory, organism identification, clinical source, patient particulars with relevant clinical information, clinician in-charge and requester's contact number.

The type of test request should be specified as TB Culture for Susceptibility Testing. Forms are to be placed in a separate sealed plastic bag in the outer package.


Microbroth dilution

Drugs tested:

Amikacin, cycloserine, ethambutol*, ethionamide, isoniazid*, kanamycin, moxifloxacin, ofloxacin, r-aminosalicylic acid, rifabutin (ansamycin), rifampin*, streptomycin

Test Results

MICs will be reported for all drugs

Either CLSI-based interpretation provided for indicated drugs*: Susceptible, Inconclusive or Resistant


NA (Not applicable; no CLSI interpretative guidelines; only MICs provided)

Reference Interval / Value

Turnaround Time

4 – 8 weeks. Affected by slow-growing isolates and mixed cultures.

Day(s) Test Set up

Monday - Friday


​For referred M. tuberculosis complex isolates from other laboratories, please contact CTBL before sending isolate.

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