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Staying in the Ward

Ward 53A has 34 beds comprising of 1-bed, 4-beds and 5-beds rooms. Allocation of 1-bed rooms is based on availability. Should you wish to upgrade to, or wait for a 1-bedded room, please inform the nurses to put you on the waiting list.

Breastfeeding your baby

  • All mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their babies
  • There are lactation consultants on duty and all our nurses are lactation certified to assist you in your breastfeeding experience

Rooming-in of baby with mother is encouraged to:

  • Facilitate breastfeeding
  • Create and strengthen the bond between mother and child
  • Boost parents’ confidence and enable parents to learn their baby’s cues

Come join us in our postnatal classes.

Infant bathing sessions

Conducted daily at the patient’s bedside. Please inform the nurses if you wish to actively take part.

Postnatal physiotherapy classes

Conducted daily at 10.30am in the parent craft room.

Breastfeeding classes

Conducted daily at 2.30pm in the breastfeeding room.

Facilities in the Ward:

There is a 24-hour breastfeeding room available in the ward. You are free to use the breast pumps in the room
(Husbands are not allowed in the breastfeeding room)

When can you go home?

  • Normal Vaginal Delivery: 24 hours
  • Assisted Delivery: 48 hours
  • Lower Segment Caesarean Section: 48 to 72 hours

Before being discharged, you will receive:

  • Medical Documents (1 set each for mother and child if your baby is fit for discharge)
  • Medication (self-collection from pharmacy)
Please note that our discharge time is 11.00am.