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Dietary Consultations (for all disciplines)

Our qualified dietitians provide individualized consultations for those seeking to improve their health and manage their comorbidities via diet in addition to their medical treatment.  They translate scientific evidence-based research on nutrition and health into practical guidelines that can help patients better understand the relationship between health and food.

Our team offers medical nutrition therapy in synergy with a multi-disciplinary team, in the area of weight management, eating disorders and bone metabolism.

Nutrition group sessions

The Dietitians also provide group nutrition sessions with the aim to empower patients to manage their health and gain peer support


Healthy eating out - Eating out need not be unhealthy as we provide tips on how you could improve the quality of your diet in a hectic world.

Keeping fat in check - Learn about the different types of fat, how they affect our health and in which foods you can find them in. 

Supermarket tour - Unravel the confusion of health claims and learn how to shop smarter.

Cooking demonstration - Learn how to modify recipes and augment the nutritional quality of the foods you cook. 

Metabolic bariatric surgery support group

Eating disorders (run in conjuction with the ED out-patient programme):

  • Nutrition group
  • Meal group