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Clinical Services

Plastic surgeons are trained in the art and science of human tissue healing, reconstruction and transformation. In addition to the restoration of normal, plastic surgery can also be done to improve a person's appearance and function.

Our department's surgeons are specialists covering the breadth of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. This includes wound healing, burns, reconstructive surgery of the head to the toe, lymphedema surgery, craniofacial surgery, as well as the full spectrum of aesthetic surgery, lasers and minimally-invasive procedures.

A) Reconstructive Surgery

By borrowing similar tissues from another area of the body, form and function in any deformed or deficient area may be restored. Where necessary, microsurgery is performed to reconnect sub-millimetre blood vessels, nerves or lymphatics to restore function to the transferred tissue. Reconstructive services that we provide include the following:

B) Cosmetic Surgery

Our range of services include:

Face & neck



C) Non-surgical Procedures

At our SGH Laser and Scar Centre, we utliise some of the latest clinical treatments and laser machines in the market to address the following problems:

  • Scars e.g. following trauma, burns, surgery or acne

  • Pigmentation problems e.g. melasma, freckles, sun damage, birthmarks

  • Hair removal

  • Facial rejuvenation e.g. improve wrinkles, dull skin, large pores, hollowed appearance

  • Tattoo removal

Our commonest modalities for treatment include the following:

  • Lasers

    • Ablative Laser Treatments

      • DEKA SmartXide

      • Sciton Erbium Lasers

    • Non – Ablative Laser Treatments

      • Broad band light (BBL)

      • PICO  laser

      • Pulsed dye laser (PDL)

D) SGH Burns Centre and Skin Bank

The department's burns centre has been at the forefront of Singapore and the South-East Asian region's burns management for the past several decades. In addition to advanced burns surgery and life support, we have a dedicated burns unit including a comprehensive multi-disciplinary team, an intensive care unit and ward, and the Skin Bank, which is also involved in cutting-edge skin regeneration research. The centre's services include:

  • Acute management of burns

  • Care of the massively burned patient

  • Burns intensive and high dependency care

  • Burn rehabilitation

  • Burns scar therapy and surgery

  • Management of dermatological emergencies (in collaboration with the SGH Dermatology department)