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Contact Information
SGH Rehabilitation Centre
Outram Community Hospital (OCH), SingHealth Tower Level 4
 (65) 6321 4377
(to make or change appointment)

Physiotherapy aims to help you to optimise your mobility, function and independence.

Physiotherapists work with the multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers in SGH to provide holistic care that is aligned with our patients' goals. We perform thorough assessments and design individualised treatment plans that may incorporate manual therapy, exercises and/or the use of electro-physical modalities to optimise recovery.

Department Profile

SGH is the largest acute care tertiary hospital with the largest Physiotherapy department in Singapore. 

The department consist of over 160 physiotherapists, including therapists with specialist training, and over 50 support staff to serve patients across the wide spectrum of medical specialties in SGH.

Our Physiotherapists are graduates of local or overseas physiotherapy program. A good proportion of our physiotherapists have Master degree or PhD in specialised fields.


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