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Amputee Rehabilitation

In Singapore General Hospital, the Physiotherapy department provides a full continuum of rehabilitative needs for pre-operative, acute post-operative, pre-prosthetic and prosthetic stages as well as long-term follow-up of individuals with upper and lower limb amputation.

Physiotherapy services include:
  • Oema management
  • Phantom/residual pain management
  • Re-conditioning and mobility training
  • Education on performing activities of daily living safely
  • Pre and post prosthetic rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation towards returning to work for appropriate patients
  • Care-giver training as appropriate
Along with a multidisciplinary team, we work together in the following areas:
  • Assessing the suitability of patients referred for amputee rehabilitation
  • Wound management
  • Pain control
  • Care of residual limb
  • Treatment of underlying health conditions
  • Fitting of prosthesis
  • Planning for suitable discharge back home and continual rehabilitation
As patient progress through the programme, they gain the strength and confidence they need to pursue their daily functional and work-relatedactivities independently.