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SGH Breast Pathology 2018, Lectures

Current Updates in Breast Pathology

​Lecture 1​:Problematic issues in beast core needle biopsies
(Dr Stuart Schnitt)
​Lecture 2:​Inflammatory and reactive lesions of the breast
(Dr Stuart Schnitt)​
​Lecture 3:​Classification & grading of phyllodes tumours of the breast
(Dr Puay Hoon Tan)​
Lecture 4​:​Pregnancy associated breast cancer
(Dr Elena Provenzano)​
​Lecture 5:Predictors of response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy
(Dr Elena Provenzano)​
​Lecture 6:​High grade triple negative breast cancer
(Dr Gary Tse)
​Lecture 7:​Low grade triple negative breast neoplasia
(Dr Stuart Schnitt)​
​Lecture 8:​Handling of complex breast specimens
(Dr Elena Provenzano)
​Lecture 9:​What is an adequate lumpectomy margin in 2018?
(Dr Stuart Schnitt)​
​Lecture 10:​Molecular pathology of breast cancer ~ classification and clinical applications
(Dr Elena Provenzano)​