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SGH COVID Virtual Ward

Singapore General Hospital is offering COVID-19 patients to receive care in the comfort of their own homes. Instead of being hospitalised, the clinical care team, including doctors and nurses, will monitor you remotely and be responsible for your medical needs. When necessary, the clinical care team from SGH or an affiliated third-party home care provider may visit you at home to provide medical treatment.

Why do I need this SGH COVID Virtual Ward?

The SGH COVID Virtual Ward is meant for COVID-19 patients whose conditions are sufficiently stable for them to be monitored at home, and their homes deemed suitable as a place of recovery. This reduces the negative impact of hospitalisation including risk of hospital-related infections.

Eligibility Criteria

Not all patients with COVID-19 condition are suitable to be managed in COVID Virtual Ward. Your attending doctor or MOH officer will initiate the referral based on your condition. You will not be able to self-enrol to COVID Virtual Ward.

Pre-admission Assessment
Once you are referred, the doctors from COVID Virtual Ward will contact you for a pre-admission assessment.

Getting Started

1. Consent to be enrolled in SGH COVID Virtual Ward

If you are eligible, you will be required to complete a consent form by clicking on the button below.

Please complete and submit the form to indicate your consent to be enrolled under SGH COVID Virtual Ward.

2. Download Zoom App

We will be using ZOOM for your video consultation.

Zoom on iTunes App StoreHealth Buddy on Google Play Store

   Or download the desktop app >

The guide is also available in the WhatsApp message.

You can also follow the step-by-step video guide here:

Android ​IPhone

3. Using the Telegram App

We will be using TELEGRAM mobile app to send you daily reminders. You will be using TELEGRAM mobile app to submit your vital signs readings every day for us to monitor your conditions.

Download the TELEGRAM app to your mobile phone.

Zoom on iTunes App Store Health Buddy on Google Play Store

 You will start to receive information from us.

Dr Buddy Telegram Chat Bot URL:

4. Receive a call from our SGH Nurse

Your friendly SGH Nurse will be calling you within the next 2 hours to provide instructions and answer your queries.

You can find more details about the SGH COVID Virtual Ward in the brochure sent to you in our WhatsApp message.

5. Important contact numbers

For medical emergency:  995

Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm:
SGH COVID Virtual Ward Hotline - (65) 6576 1693 / (65) 8764 9958

Monday-Friday After 5pm, Weekends and PH:
Speedoc - (65) 3163 3094

COVID Virtual Ward

Receive care in the comfort of their own homes with SGH COVID Virtual Ward
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Resources for your recovery at home

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