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Recovery at Home | SGH COVID Virtual Ward

SGH will continue to care for you now that your condition is stable enough for you to recover in the comfort of your own home. Your care team includes doctors and nurses. We will monitor your condition through either phone or video consultation.

  • If you require treatment, this will be carried out at your home by healthcare professionals from SGH or our partner.
  • If your condition worsens and you require hospital care, you will be readmitted to hospital.

You may need to do a swab test towards the end of your illness to determine that you are no longer infectious and can be discharged from this virtual ward and leave your home. Your doctor will discuss this with you.


How to use blood pressure machine?

Guide: Continuing your COVID recovery at home with SGH

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Malay [500kb] ​Tamil [400kb]

COVID Virtual Ward

Receive care in the comfort of their own homes with SGH COVID Virtual Ward
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Resources for your recovery at home

Watch and download resources for your recovery at home
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