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On Admission Day

Documents and initial deposit required on admission day: 

  • Patient’s NRIC / Passport
  • Employment Pass / S Pass / Work Permit (if applicable)
  • Civil Service Card / Hospital Identity Card / Letter of Guarantee
  • Service Injury Card / Medical Benefit Identification Memorandum (MBIM)
  • Medical Claims Authorisation Form (s) & NRIC (s) of Medisave Account Holder(s)
  • Means Testing Consent Form / Consent Form for Data Sharing (PFA)
  • Initial Deposit (if applicable)

For patients admitting to the Same Day Admission Centre or Ambulatory Surgery Centre, our staff will call you one day before your day of admission/surgery.
In the event that you did not receive a call by 5pm, please contact the Pre-Surgery Hotline at: 6576 1248.


For enquiries or changes to your admission/surgery date,

Pre-Surgery Hotline: 6576 1248

Operating Hours: 8am – 6pm (Mon – Fri) except Public Holidays
For more general information regarding your admission/surgery, please visit:

Please note:

There can be unexpected changes to the surgery schedule. Your surgery may start earlier or later.
Availability of your bed can only be confirmed at the time of admission. You may have to wait for a bed as we do not reserve beds in advance. This is to enable patients who require emergency admission to have access to timely care.
Your planned admission/surgery may be re-scheduled or postponed if:

  • there is a shortage of beds for patients requiring urgent admission, or
  • a further assessment of your medical condition is needed

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Report punctually at the place of admission. Our staff will register and prepare you for your surgery.
  • Have a parent / guardian present to give consent for your operation if you are below 21 years old.
  • Bring along you medication as advised by Anesthetist on surgery day.
  • Bring only X- ray films/CDs from Private Hospitals or non-local hospitals) and any medical notes from your doctor on the day of admission and hand them to the nurse.
  • Bring along a protective case for all your spectacles or hearing aids, if you are wearing them.
  • If you are going home on the same day of surgery, please arrange for a relative or friend to accompany you home when you are discharged, and ensure that you have a reliable caregiver at home.
  • Inform the Pre-Surgery Hotline if you are feeling unwell. E.g. Flu, Cough, Fever 7 days prior to the operation.
  • On the day of your surgery, take the medication as instructed by the Anesthetist with a small cup of plain water (100ml)


  • Don’t apply makeup, nail polish, or wear jewelry or contact lenses on surgery day.
  • Don’t bring excessive cash or valuables (including laptops and personal mobility aids such as motorised wheelchairs) to the hospital on the day of surgery. Wheelchairs are available for your use during your stay with us. The hospital reserves the right to safe-keep such valuables as our policies dictate. The hospital will not be responsible for any loss of your personal belongings or valuables.
  • Don’t bring items such as lighters, matches, knives or any other sharp objects that are prohibited in SGH. These items will be kept by the ward and returned to the patient upon discharge.
  • Don’t smoke one day before your surgery.
  • If you are fasting for surgery, do not take your diabetic medication on surgery day.