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Going for Surgery

​Preparing for your surgery

You will be advise on the details of the procedure and risk involved during your consultation with your clinicians. We will also need your consent for the surgery.

Listing & Financial Couselling

Next, you are required to get the date and location of the test and procedure. You will be advised on your estimated bill size and instructions on the documents to bring on the day of your surgery.

Pre-admission Test

Prior to your surgery, you may be required to go for blood test, ECG or X-ray scans. You may also need to fast before your procedure.

Anaesthetist Review

If there is a need for use of anaesthesia, you will have an appointment with an anaesthetist. The anaesthetist will advise on the risk involved of using anaesthesia and get your consent. Bring along your medications for the anaesthetist to review. You may also get advice on pain management after your procedure.