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Medical Report

How to apply for a Medical Report?

If you are making claims from your insurance company, you may submit your insurance form or apply for a medical report at any of the following locations: 

  • Health Information Management Services (HIMS): Block 3 Level 1, 
  • Medical Reports Office 
  • Admission Office: Block 5 Level 1 
  • Business Office: Block 4 Level 1 


If you need further assistance, please contact the Health Information Management Services Department 
  • Tel: 6372 4696 
  • Email:  


Health Information Management Services(HIMS) 
Block 3 Level 1, Medical Reports

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday : 8.30am to 5.30pm 
Saturday : 8.30am to 12.30pm 
Sunday & Public Holidays : Closed
Who can request for a Medical Report?
Patients aged 21 years and above.
A patient who is a minor may apply for a medical report with the consent of his/her parent or legal guardian.
Interested third parties, with the consent of the patient.
In the case of a deceased or mentally incompetent patient, the written consent of his authorized representative or all his immediate next-of-kin must be obtained for the release of the medical report.

What are the Charges?


Total Fee (including GST)

Ordinary Medical Report

Ordinary Medical Report


Ordinary Medical Report (Psychiatric Case)


*Specialist Medical Report

Specialist Medical Report


Specialist Medical Report (Psychiatric case)


Completion of Insurance Forms

Completion of Insurance Forms


Completion of Permanent Disability Claim Form


Copies of HIDS/Lab results/x-ray reports



Duplicate copy of Medical Certificate



*A Specialist Medical Report is a medical report that includes the doctor's opinion on the prognosis of your medical condition. This may require an assessment and a review of the patient at the Specialist Outpatient Clinic and specialist consultation will be borne by the patient separately. This is in addition to further tests such as radiological images or laboratory investigation procedures that are required for the completion of the Specialist Medical Report. This is not available for selection in the Online Request. Please apply in person at our Medical Reports Counter or contact us if you require further clarification.


Total Fee (including GST)

**Radiological images

CD (general x-ray)


CD (specialized procedure) – cap of max 3 studies per CD


**Copies of radiological images are not available for selection in the Online Request as we need to ascertain the number of x-rays done. Please apply in person at our medical reports counter. Please kindly contact us if you require further clarification.

Our mailing charges as follows:


Base Price



a) For Local Registered Mail

S$ 2.62

S$ 0.18

S$ 2.80

b) For Overseas Registered Mail




  *Countries within South-East Asia

S$ 3.00

S$ 0.21

S$ 3.21

  *Rest of the World

S$ 6.00

S$ 0.42

S$ 6.42

c) For Overseas Courier Services




  *Countries within South-East Asia

S$ 25.00

S$ 1.75

S$ 26.75

  *Rest of the World

S$ 50.00

S$ 3.50

S$ 53.50

Timeline for Request Completion

Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for processing of requests. 

Delays in prompt processing may be the result of:
  • Patient’s upcoming clinic appointments or if the patient has been warded
  • Reports requested from several clinical departments
  • The doctor is away on leave