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Thyroid Scan

Thyroid Scan - What it is

Thyroid Scan Singapore General HospitalThis procedure will allow the physician to determine whether there are any nodules in your thyroid gland and to assess the function of the thyroid.


  • First, you will have an ultra-sound scan of your neck.
  • After the ultra-sound, you will be given a small injection of the tracer. 
  • After about 15 minutes, a small Gamma Camera will be placed over your neck and an image of your thyroid will be recorded. This will take about 15 minutes and it is very important that you keep very still as any head movements will produced a blurred image.

Patient Preparation

There is no special patient preparation

Thyroid Scan - Symptoms

Thyroid Scan - How to prevent?

Thyroid Scan - Causes and Risk Factors

Thyroid Scan - Diagnosis

Thyroid Scan - Treatments

Thyroid Scan - Preparing for surgery

Thyroid Scan - Post-surgery care

Thyroid Scan - Other Information

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