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Sleepy Driving

Sleepy Driving - Symptoms

Sleepy Driving - How to prevent?

Preventive Measures

To prevent sleepy driving and its consequences, you need to know the benefits of behaviours that help you avoid becoming sleepy while driving.

These include:

  1. Getting sufficient sleep and taking a short nap (15 to 20 minutes) when sleepy
  2. Not drinking alcohol when sleepy
  3. Limiting driving between midnight and 6 am
  4. Avoid taking caffeinated drinks/food e.g. coffee
  5. Detection and treatment of illnesses that can cause excessive sleepiness like sleeprelated breathing disorders obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome and narcolepsy

Sleepy Driving - Diagnosis

Sleepy Driving - Treatments

Sleepy Driving - Preparing for surgery

Sleepy Driving - Post-surgery care

Sleepy Driving - Other Information

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