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Rectal Prolapse

Rectal Prolapse: Overview, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment and More | Singapore General Hospital

Rectal Prolapse - Symptoms

Rectal Prolapse - How to prevent?

Rectal Prolapse - Treatments

Just treating the constipation and straining may not be enough once rectal prolapse has occurred. There are different types of surgery for rectal prolapse. Your doctor will help you decide which method is most suited for you.

Success depends on a few factors, including the strength of the anal muscles before surgery, the stage of the prolapse, the overall health of the patient and the type of surgery. A great majority of patients are completely relieved of symptoms, or are significantly helped, by the appropriate procedure.

Rectal Prolapse - Preparing for surgery

Rectal Prolapse - Post-surgery care

Rectal Prolapse - Other Information

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