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Pneumonia (Child)

Pneumonia: Infection of the lungs caused by viruses or by bacteria | KKH

Pneumonia (Child) - How to prevent?

Get vaccinated.

  1. Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine can prevent serious infections including pneumonia, by some strains of pneumococcus. Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine is recommended as part of the National Childhood Immunisation Schedule. Have your child vaccinated if he/she has not completed three doses of the vaccine.

  2. Influenza vaccine can prevent influenza pneumonia and other complications of influenza. Children above six months old can be given the vaccine. Pregnant women should be vaccinated to protect themselves and their unborn child up till the child is six months old. Children with certain high risk medical conditions may also benefit from yearly influenza vaccination.

  3. Maintain good hygiene. Keep your child’s and your hands clean through regular hand-washing, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, to protect your child against respiratory infections that may lead to pneumonia.

  4. Avoid smoke exposure. Smoking and inhaling second-hand smoke damages your child’s natural ability to fight against respiratory infections.

  5. Improve your immune system. Ensure your child has a healthy diet, gets enough sleep and exercises regularly.

Pneumonia (Child) - Preparing for surgery

Pneumonia (Child) - Post-surgery care

Pneumonia (Child) - Other Information

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