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Infertility - What it is

Infertility is the inability to get pregnant after one year of trying. It is a common problem that can affect 1 in 7 couples. 80% of couples having regular sex should conceive within one year.

To get pregnant, there are several processes that must happen. The woman’s body must release an egg from one of her ovaries (ovulation). This egg must go through a fallopian tube toward the womb. The man’s sperm must travel through the vagina, womb and go through the fallopian tube to join with (fertilise) the egg. Then the fertilised egg (embryo) must attach to the inside of the uterus (implantation). Anything that may hinder or interfere with any of these steps may cause infertility. In about 30 percent of couples, no obvious causes of infertility can be found.

infertility conditions and treatments

Infertility - Symptoms

Infertility - Preparing for surgery

Infertility - Post-surgery care

Infertility - Other Information

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