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Hypothyroidism - How to prevent?

Hypothyroidism - Treatments

Hypothyroidism is treated with thyroxine replacement which is administered in a small pill. The pill is to be taken daily to boost production of thyroid hormone in the bloodstream to normal levels.  

Our doctors will determine the right dosage based on the blood test readings of T4 and TSH levels. 

Follow-up blood tests may only need to be done once, annually, subject to your doctor's discretion.

What are the side effects of Thyroxine Replacement?

There are very few side effects and almost no allergic reactions associated with thyroxine replacement.

If you suspect you have hypothyroidism, book a consultation with our doctors who will advise the next course of action. 

Hypothyroidism - Preparing for surgery

Hypothyroidism - Post-surgery care

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