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Head and Neck Surgery - How to prevent?

Head and Neck Surgery - Diagnosis

Head and Neck Surgery - Treatments

A multidisciplinary approach is required in the management of head and neck cancer. It usually involves the following:
  • Wide resection to remove all the cancer
  • Reconstructive surgery to restore form and function
  • Post-operative adjuvant radiotherapy or chemotherapy may be necessary
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation for speech, swallowing and breathing

For oral cancers, the operation involves firstly removing all the disease tissue which may include a portion of the tongue, mouth or jaw bone. It is frequently necessary to perform a neck dissection to remove the adjacent lymph nodes in the neck.

The reconstruction of the jaw or oral cavity may require the transfer of skin from the forearm or bone and skin from the leg using microsurgical techniques.

Head and Neck Surgery - Other Information