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Getting Pregnant During COVID-19

Getting Pregnant During COVID-19 - Treatments

Currently, there are no specific vaccines or medications for COVID-19 infection, although various treatments are being researched.

Management of COVID-19 infection in pregnancy involves admission to hospital under the care of a multi-disciplinary team for close monitoring of both mother and baby. Investigations in the form of blood tests and imaging tests may be performed. Treatment of COVID-19 is supportive, for example, providing oxygen therapy if required, administering medications to relieve symptoms, and managing other complications such as bacterial infections. Decisions surrounding timing of delivery are made together with obstetricians (specialists who look after pregnant mothers) and neonatologists (specialists who look after babies) such that the interests of both you and your baby are considered together.

Getting Pregnant During COVID-19 - Preparing for surgery

Getting Pregnant During COVID-19 - Post-surgery care

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