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Essential Tremor

Essential Tremor - Post-surgery care

  • What are activities to avoid after surgery?
  • Avoid light activities such as house work two weeks after the surgery
  • Activities such as jogging, swimming, or other physically-intensive activities should be avoided for four to six weeks after surgery.
  • No heavy lighting (more than 2.5kg) for at least two weeks
  • Avoid raising your arms above your shoulders or over bending/stretching your neck
  • What are the follow-ups and therapies needed? Are lifestyle modifications needed?

Regular reviews with be arranged with the care team to monitor the condition 

  • What side effects and complications are associated with this procedure?

Some may suffer from a bleed in the brain, brain infection, or the leads could be inserted in a different location than intended. The leads could move or the device could malfunction, with some experiencing pain in the area where the device was implanted, infection or the device breaking through the skin.

Over or under stimulation from the device could result in unintended movements, freezing, worsening of balance and gait, speech disturbance, involuntary muscle contractions, numbness and tingling, and double vision.

Essential Tremor - Other Information

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