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Esophageal Cancer

Esophageal Cancer - How to prevent?

Esophageal Cancer - Treatments

All patients will be discussed at the multidisciplinary tumour board where the best recommended treatment options will be detailed. Treatment options depends on:

  1. Age and general health of the patient
  2. Extent of the esophageal lesion infiltration
  3. Stage of the cancer
  4. Patient’s expectations and preferences

For early stage disease, endoscopic surgery may be performed. However in more advanced disease, a combination of chemo-radiation and surgery is usually preferred. Surgery of more advanced disease is done via open approaches (transhiatal or transthoracic e.g. through the diaphragm or the chest respectively). Suitably selected cases can be done via minimally invasive techniques.

Esophageal Cancer - Preparing for surgery

Esophageal Cancer - Post-surgery care

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