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Ectopic Pregnancy - How to prevent?

Ectopic Pregnancy - Preparing for surgery

Ectopic Pregnancy - Post-surgery care

Ectopic Pregnancy - Other Information

Conceiving after an ectopic pregnancy

If the ectopic pregnancy is treated without removing the fallopian tubes, you still have a reasonable chance to conceive successfully in the future. Removal of one fallopian tube does not affect your chances of getting pregnant if the other fallopian tube is in good condition.

You are at a slightly higher risk of another ectopic pregnancy, so you should speak to your gynaecologist about your risks and measures of early evaluation of your next pregnancy.

Where should I go for treatment?

We provide round the clock service at our Urgent O&G Centre, located at basement one of KKH.

Note: It is important to note that ectopic pregnancy is sometimes difficult to diagnose in view of its myriad presentation especially in the early stages.
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