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Dental Trauma In Children

Dental Trauma In Children - Symptoms

Dental Trauma In Children - Causes and Risk Factors

Causes and Risk Factors

Injuries to primary teeth usually results from falls and collisions as a young child (18 to 40 months of age) learns to walk and run.

Injuries in young children are caused by falls while learning to walk or during play

Descriptor for injuries to primary teeth in young children and permanent teeth in older children

Older children may sustain injuries while playing sports


Injuries to permanent teeth usually result from sport accidents and fights. School-aged boys suffer trauma almost twice as frequently as girls. The upper central incisors are the most commonly injured teeth; upper front teeth protruding more than 4mm appear 2 - 3 times more likely to suffer dental trauma than normally aligned teeth.

Dental Trauma In Children - Diagnosis

Dental Trauma In Children - Preparing for surgery

Dental Trauma In Children - Other Information

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