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Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer - What it is

The newly available global cancer statistics show that, in 2012, cervical cancer was the third commonest cancer among women. In Singapore, cervical cancer has shown a declining incidence over the last three decades but remains one of the 10 most common cancers in women.

Every year, more than 200 Singaporean women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and 100 women die from it.

What is cervical cancer?

  • Cervical cancer is a malignant tumour or growth arising from the cervix.
  • The cervix or ’neck of the womb’ is the lower portion of the uterus that opens into the vagina.
  • Early cancer is silent.
  • Advanced cancer may show the following symptoms:
    • Irregular vaginal bleeding
    • Foul smelling or blood-stained vaginal discharge
    • Bleeding during or after sexual intercourse

cervical cancer conditions and treatments

Cervical Cancer - Symptoms

Cervical Cancer - Causes and Risk Factors

Cervical Cancer - Treatments

Cervical Cancer - Preparing for surgery

Cervical Cancer - Post-surgery care

Cervical Cancer - Other Information

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