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Brain Aneurysm

Brain Aneurysm - Causes and Risk Factors

Brain Aneurysm - Preparing for surgery

Brain Aneurysm - Post-surgery care

Brain Aneurysm - Other Information


What is the prognosis?

An un-ruptured aneurysm may go unnoticed throughout a person’s lifetime. Aburst brain aneurysm, however, may be fatal or cause permanent brain damage.

The prognosis for ruptured aneurysm is largely dependent on the age and health of the individual and the severity of initial bleeding (and re-bleeding). It is estimated that about 40 percent of patients with ruptured aneurysm do not survive the first 24 hours. Up to another 25% may succumb within 6 months.

Patients who receive treatment for an un-ruptured aneurysm generally require less rehabilitative therapy and recover more quickly. Recovery from ruptured aneurysm may take weeks to months.

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