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Bowel Incontinence

Bowel Incontinence: What is it, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatments | Singapore General Hospital

Bowel Incontinence - Symptoms

Bowel Incontinence - How to prevent?

Bowel Incontinence - Diagnosis

An initial discussion of the problem with your doctor will help establish the severity of the problem.

A history of past childbirth in a woman may suggest a cause. In some cases, medical illnesses and medications play a role in problems with control. A physical exam of the anal region should be performed. It may readily identify an obvious injury to the anal muscles.

Additional tests are usually required. In manometry, a fine plastic tube is placed into the anus to record strength of the muscles. A separate test of nerve function may also be conducted. An ultrasound probe is also used to look for areas of damage in the muscles. A colonoscopy is usually done to look for causes of incontinence higher up in the colon.

Bowel Incontinence - Preparing for surgery

Bowel Incontinence - Post-surgery care

Bowel Incontinence - Other Information

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