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Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic Rhinitis - What it is

Allergic rhinitis is caused by the body’s immune response to an environmental trigger.

Other types of rhinitis

Other less common types of rhinitis include:

Atrophic rhinitis

In atrophic rhinitis, the natural mucosal membrane is thinned out and the glands that secrete mucus and participate in mucus clearance are lost. This leads to secondary infections and persistent crusting of the nose.

This is a rare condition that occurs in those who have undergone aggressive surgery to the nasal cavities.

Vasomotor rhinitis

Vasomotor rhinitis is a condition where there is chronic rhinitis in the absence of an identifiable allergy.

Dilation of blood vessels in the nose is partly controlled by the autonomic nervous system. It is believed that an oversensitivity of this autonomic nervous system can cause vasomotor rhinitis. In some cases, the trigger may be a change of temperature or the presence of a chemical stimulant like strong perfume or chemical fumes.

Allergic Rhinitis - How to prevent?

Allergic Rhinitis - Preparing for surgery

Allergic Rhinitis - Post-surgery care

Allergic Rhinitis - Other Information