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TIPSS, BRTO and portal hypertension

TIPSS, BRTO and portal hypertension - Symptoms

Increased pressure in the portal vein causes large veins (varices) to open up around the oesophagus and stomach in an effort to bypass the normal blood flow through liver. These varices are fragile and may bleed easily. The bleeding may be a gentle ooze or  can be major and result in serious and life threatening complications. A person may vomit blood or pass blood through their bowels. Other symptoms include :
  • Ascites – abdominal swelling caused by accumulation of fluid in the abdomen
  • Hepatic encephalopathy –  reduced ability of the liver to detoxify blood resulting in patients developing confusion as toxins accumulate and affect the brain and nervous system

The onset of these symptoms indicate transition from the stage of compensated liver disease to a decompensated state. Approximately 5 to 7% of patients with cirrhosis advance to this decompensated stage every year. This results in a reduction in survival from 12 years to just 2 years.

TIPSS, BRTO and portal hypertension - Other Information

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