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Pituitary disorders - How to prevent?

Pituitary disorders - Causes and Risk Factors

Pituitary disorders - Treatments

Treatment for pituitary tumours depend on the type of tumour, the size of the tumour, whether it is compressing any important structures (such as the nerves crucial for vision), and whether it is overproducing pituitary hormones. Based on these factors, observation, surgery, medication, or radiation therapy may be possible treatment options. 
Pituitary hormone deficiencies may be treated using hormone replacement therapies. 

Treatment of pituitary hormone overproduction would depend on the underlying cause. Treatment options include surgery to remove pituitary tumours which cause hormone overproduction, or medication for certain types of hormone overproduction.

Pituitary disorders - Preparing for surgery

Pituitary disorders - Post-surgery care

Pituitary disorders - Other Information

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