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Laryngectomy - Symptoms

Laryngectomy - How to prevent?

Laryngectomy - Causes and Risk Factors

Laryngectomy - Diagnosis

Laryngectomy - Treatments

​The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and will be done using a long incision placed in the front of the neck. If the surgery is being done because there is a cancer or suspected cancer, your doctor may discuss with you about removing some of the lymph nodes in your neck as well (neck dissection).

After the larynx is removed, the opening to the trachea will now be connected to the skin as an end tracheostome. This will be a new permanent hole in the front of your neck and air will pass through this hole into and out of your lungs. This will be your only way to breathe. Air will no longer pass through your nose or mouth.


Photo credit: Dr Anna See

Laryngectomy - Preparing for surgery

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