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COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus 2019)


5 May 2021, 12pm

Visitors Policy

Complete Declaration Form to enter SGH premises

Visitors, caregivers or accompanying persons who have been admitted to or visited TTSH wards from 18 April will not be allowed into the hospital.

Anyone entering the hospital premises must complete the Declaration Form and check-in to the SafeEntry system with the TraceTogether app or token. Unwell visitors and accompanying persons will not be allowed in. Visitors and accompanying persons who travelled within the past 14 days will also not be allowed entry into SGH.

Online visitors' registration is not available at the moment, as we need to verify visitors identity.
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To Wards

  • Maximum of 2 pre-designated visitors, including caregivers, may visit for each patient's duration of admission* . 
  • Only 1 visitor/caregiver per patient is allowed in the ward at any one time for 30 minutes during our visiting hours of 12noon to 2pm and 5pm to 8.30pm.
  • No visitors are allowed for suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients in the isolation wards (including ARI ward) until further notice.
  • Visitors are NOT allowed to eat or drink within the wards and should keep their masks on at all times while in the wards. They should also refrain from using patients’ toilets in the wards and avoid sitting on patients’ beds. 
  • DIL patients will be allowed five pre-designated visitors, with a maximum of two visitors at the patient’s bedside at any one time.

Children below 12 years old are not allowed to visit in inpatient unless patient is in:

  • Palliative care,
  • ICU, or
  • Under special social circumstances
    (E.g. Patient is single-parent; OR patient is depressed due to prolonged inpatient stay etc. For Team Doctors, Nursing, MSW to assess, advise and inform Visitor Services ahead of visit.)

Parents/Guardians will be required to sign an indemnity form at the Visitors Registration Counters). Validity of the Indemnity Form and approval to visit will be valid for entire admission episode.

*Excludes Isolation, Labour and Neonatal Wards

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To Emergency Department

Patients going to our emergency department are allowed ONE (1) accompanying person each.


16 Apr 2020, 5pm

Block 3 Pharmacy Closure

The SGH Block 3 Outpatient Pharmacy will be closed until further notice as more patients are opting for the medication delivery service. The space will be temporarily used for other purposes.

Stay Safe. Stay Home. Let us deliver your medications to you at no extra charge.

Block 4 Pharmacy will remain open. Patients at Diabetes & Metabolism Centre are advised to collect their medications at Bowyer Block Pharmacy.

28 Dec 2020, 10am

Car Parks Closure

Car Park C & I (Beside Bowyer Block and Diabetes & Metabolism Centre)

From Mon, 4 May 2020, Car Park C and I (beside Bowyer Block and DMC) are closed due to operational needs. Loading and Unloading bay (for hospital deliveries) and Accessible Parking (for the disabled) will still be available in Car Park C.

Parking available at Outram Community Hospital (OCH) / SingHealth Tower

Alternative parking is available at OCH/ SingHealth Tower and NHCS. Please use Jalan Bukit Merah and enter via Hospital Boulevard or Hospital Drive. 

More information Car Parks at SGH Campus >

 30 Apr 2021, 10am

Emergency Department

We are seeing a high number of patients at our Emergency Department (A&E). Priority will be given to those who are critically ill. The waiting time for other patients will be longer. Each patient is only allowed 1 companion.

If your condition is not critical, please seek medical attention at a GP or polyclinic.

Take care and stay safe. Thank you.

The New Norm: Coming For Your Appointment

Useful Resources

Travel Declaration Form

All are required to complete a Declaration Form before entry.

Request for Medication Refill

Have your medicines all packed and ready for you to cut your queue/wait time at the Pharmacy.

Medication Delivery Service

Enjoy the convenience of our Medication Delivery Service (MDS) and have your medications delivered to your preferred location, for free.

Coronaviru-stress Checklist

Take the coronaviru-stress checklist and find out about the ways of coping with the stress while battling COVID-19