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Philanthropic investments empower our clinicians, scientists and healthcare professionals to innovate care.
Seah Cheng Siang Professorship
The Seah Cheng Siang Professorship in Medicine
When you donate to the Seah Cheng Siang Professorship, you are honouring present and future generations of doctors who strive to provide excellent healthcare to every Singaporean, "be he rich or poor, with or without influence."
We pursue research so that we can advance medical care and find answers to today's most pressing medical problems. By hastening the pace of breakthroughs and innovating clinical care, we desire to impact what matters most – our patients' lives.
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Nuturing the next generation is the lifeblood of tomorrow's medicine. Just as important as the expertise imparted, are the values and vision that will be embodied by the next generation of healthcare professionals. Help us secure the future of medicine and invest in them so that they can provide better care to our patients.

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